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green2Preservation Green, LLC.  Our mission is to provide you with sustainable beauty.  We treat each of our projects with equal care and attention to detail—be it a garden, new home or transformation of a historic structure. Everyone deserves a healthy outdoor space and home tailored to their needs in which to raise their family, entertain friends, and live life.  As a woman-owned, family-run business, Preservation Green LLC provides comprehensive landscape design and masterplan development, architectural design services, project administration and site installation supervision, as well as design-build options. We consider every detail, including the benefits of tax incentive programs, long-term maintenance practices, and ways to integrate sustainable green technologies while maintaining historic preservation traditions. Our success stems from a unique ability to work with a client to balance and merge schedule, budget, and quality.  In the eyes of Preservation Green LLC, no garden or home is too small and no estate is too large. From private gardens and townhouses in Manhattan, to pocket parks within historic districts, to vast estates all over the world, we remain committed to providing our clients with a clear sense of how to understand a property and its historic structures in order to transform it into one of lasting beauty.

101 Mill Street, Oxford, MD 21654 / (212) 358-0538; (917) 374-0704 / Barbara Paca ~ Philip Logan ~ Robert Paca

Timothy B. Kearns – TB KEARNS DESIGNFred Korab

Tidewater Residential Designs since 1989 Since 1989, Tim Kearns has been designing renovations, additions, and new residential homes within the neighborhoods of Oxford and throughout the Eastern Shore.  Each project, whether scaled big or small, allows for a modern lifestyle while striving to keep the character and context found within the Tidewater traditions.

210 Tred Avon Ave, PO Box 177, Oxford MD  21654  / 410-226-5100 /

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Catherine Bitter Interiors

Fine residential and boat interiors since 1990

PO Box 279, Oxford MD 21654  / 410-226-0541 /

S. Hanks Interior Design 

222 South Morris St, Oxford, MD 21654  / 410-226-5400 /