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Estate Sale Services by Caronna Collections, LLC . 208 East Pier Street, Oxford, MD.  443-521-5014

Estate Sales by Caronna Collections LLC has a PASSION for this industry!  We LOVE what we do and it shows. Marketing and advertising are KEY to a great sale. Caronna Collections LLC brings an element to our sales and marketing that is unique to us as a company.  By hiring Caronna Collections LLC it’s as easy as handing over the key and letting us do the work.  We have an extensive list of buyers and dealers and our extensive advertising and marketing always insures a good crowd. We take the stress off you and turn what would have been a few months long project into 2-3 weeks tops. Factor in how much your time (and sanity) is worth to you and we think you’ll find that our commission rate is well worth the service!  Visit our website for upcoming auctions!  www.caronnacollections.com  or contact Kristy Caronna at caronnacollections@gmail.com.  Call or email us today for a Free Consultation!

Oxford Community Center – Need to rent space for your meeting or special event?.  Contact them at 410-226-5904.