Oxford-Bellevue Ferry

Take a Ride on the Oxford Bellevue Ferry!

Ferry Captains Tom and Judy Bixler invite you aboard America’s oldest privately owned ferry. Why not take a short ride across the Tred Avon River and enjoy the beautiful scenery! The ferry can carry up to nine cars, numerous motorcycles, bicycles, and pedestrians on each trip.  RV’s, trucks and trailers are also accommodated, based on size. Your “ferry tale” awaits! Call for details or visit their website.

Regatta 2015 on the Tred Avon River!

Located on the Strand at the end of Morris Street. Service begins at 9 am, with continuous crossings until sunset. Closed late fall and winter.

More on current info and schedules….

2020 Rates

Car & Driver 13.00 22.00
Plus 2.00 per passenger each way
Pedestrian (Walk On) 4.00 7.00
Bicycles 5.00 9.00
Tandems 7.00 13.00
Motorcycles 7.00 13.00
Plus 2.00 per passenger each way
Large Trucks & RVs 16.00 & up
Plus 2.00 per passenger each way
Trailers Accommodated – Fee based on size 10.00 & up each way

Ticket Price $90 ($60 savings)
10 one way trips, good for one year from date of purchase. Car, driver and one passenger. Additional vehicle passenger fare applies.

Children 2 and under free
Cash or checks only

Email:  obferry@aol.com / Call: 410-745-9023