Why not test your knowledge of some basic facts about Oxford?!

  • When was Oxford founded as a town?
  • By what other name was Oxford known?
  • For what was Robert Morris, Jr. best known?
  • Who was Colonel Tench Tilghman?
  • How did people first pay for their ferry rides across the Tred Avon River?
  • What is the oldest (1695) house in Oxford called?
  • You’ll notice several brick patterns in Oxford. Many of them in the historic part of Oxford have a “B” on them (not an O), what does it stand for?
  • From where is the Tred Avon River’s name derived?  Bonus:  How long is the river?
  • What record does Molly Stewart hold?
  • What can you never be in Oxford?
  • What business was Schooner’s before it became a restaurant?
  • What was the peculiarity of Robert Morris, Sr.’s dog?  Bonus:  What was his name? 
  • Finally, what 2006 movie starring Matthew McConnaughey, Terry Bradshaw and Sarah Jessica Parker was filmed in Oxford?


  1. 1684
  2. Williamstadt (so named after King William)
  3. The Financier of the American Revolution
  4. Aide de Campe to General George Washington
  5. With Tobacco
  6. Byberry (on Cutts and Case)
  7. Bergman Brick Company, the name of the brickyard which was then located on the road to Trappe.
  8. “Avon” is a common name for rivers and streams in England, and “Tred”  means the central line of a current of a stream.  The Tred Avon has had 13 different spellings over the course of its history.  The closest deviation to its name was  ‘Third Haven’.  The Tred Avon (pronounced Tred AhVOHN) is 17 miles long.
  9. Longest serving postmaster in the United States (63 years)
  10. You can never be crabby in Oxford!
  11. A Packing House
  12. Robert Morris Sr. had a spaniel dog named Tray.  It is said that his dog so mourned his master’s death,  that he died on the same day.
  13. Failure to Launch!