Picket Fence Auction 2020



The auction is over, the fences have gone to their new homes throughout the local area and 10 charities and nonprofits have additional funds to support their worthy causes. A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated – the guys Oxford Town Maintenance crew who built the fences; the Artists who volunteered their time, talents and supplies to create these unique fences; the Oxford Community Center for partnering with OBA to make online bidding a reality and provided the venue for the live auction;  the sponsors who helped defray some of the costs; the volunteers  – who installed the fences around town, collected them at the end of summer; cleaned them;  worked the live auction and made it all run smoothly; everyone who put on their masks and attended; and of course to lucky folks who purchased the fences!



This project is an invitation  to explore Oxford and its unique shops and restaurants, while allowing OBA to give back. Since it’s beginning, OBA has supported area charities and nonprofits, and this year there are ten partner organizations on this project. Each is represented by an artist and the auction proceeds for each fence will go to the represented organization.

COVID-19 has made it necessary to adjust plans, and the auction has moved online and outside.  Now, more than ever these charities and nonprofit organizations need support from the community.  Online bidding will continue until September 25th . The fences will then move to the Oxford Community Center for an outdoor display and live auction (with social distancing and masks) to close out the project on September 26th.  Anyone unable to attend will also be able to leave a proxy ‘left-bid’ on the website.

 This year participating artists, and the organization that will receive the proceeds of their fences sale are: Sally Fronk – CASA of the Mid-Shore; Louisa Zendt – Chesapeake Multi-Cultural Center; Kevin Garber – For All Seasons Behavior Health and Rape Crisis Center; Kate Huntington – John Wesley Preservation Society; Cid Collins-Walker – Oxford Community Center;  Marie Davis – Oxford Garden Club; Louisa Zendt – Oxford Museum; Maggii SarfatyShoreRivers; Mark Montoya – Talbot Humane Society; Lisa Wendig – Tred Avon Jr. Sailing.

Click here to watch an interview with Maggii Sarfaty, artist of ‘Intertwined’ fence benefiting ShoreRivers.

Click here to watch an studio tour with Louisa Zendt, artist of ‘Great Abundance’  benefiting Chesapeake Multicultural Center and ‘Out For A Walk’ benefiting the Oxford Museum.






Click here to watch an interview with Cid Collins-Waker, artist of ‘Sailor’s Delight’ , benefiting the Oxford Community Center.