All fences are 26″ high x 22″ wide, except for ‘Circus’ which is 22″ high x 20″ wide.

The Finish Line
By: Stephen Walker
Location: Oxford-Bellevue Ferry
Benefits: For All Seasons Behavioral Health & Rape Crisis Center

Stephen is a national award-winning artist who has exhibited his oil paintings, pastels, serigraphs, and human figure bronze sculptures for over 35 years. He is an active member of the Working Artists Forum, St. Michaels Art League, and teaches at the Academy Art Museum.

For All Seasons is the only non-profit Behavioral Health and Rape Crisis Center serving the five counties of Maryland’s Mid Shore. For All Seasons behavioral health team includes trauma-certified therapists and psychiatrists who collaborate with other community partners and health professionals to provide the highest quality care.

By: Pasquale DiIulio
Location: Oxford Community Center
Benefits: Oxford Community Center

Since retiring and moving to the Eastern Shore Pasquale has been avidly pursuing his interest in drawing and painting. He is active with the St Michael’s Art League and takes classes at the Academy Art Museum, working in oils, pastels and acrylics.

The Oxford Community Center Building (OCC) has served as a community resource for over 80 years, first as a grammar school and then a high school and, for the last quarter century, as a cultural center and meeting place. OCC provides to residents and visitors alike a year-round schedule of educational, social, cultural, and recreational programs and events. It is indeed a mid-shore treasure enriching lives since 1928.

Yankee Pedler (2-sided)
By: John Tochko
Location: The Oxford Museum
Benefits: The Oxford Museum

John is a self-taught artist who has been drawing and painting for the last 66 years. His favorite medium is watercolor because watercolor paintings look so simple and spontaneous but are a real challenge to execute. His profession was oceanographic engineering and he has always enjoyed painting marine scenes. He has also built a portable etching press and he uses it to make copper plate etchings, woodcuts, linocuts, and monotypes.

The Oxford Museum is an all-volunteer organization, preserving and sharing the rich history of Oxford. The Museum began in 1964 with the finding of 18th and 19th century bottles and pottery shards and has become a valuable part of understanding more than 325 years of Oxford history. Its exhibits are exclusively devoted to its people, their way of life, and their contribution to our country since the 1600s.

Sail Away
By: Erin Zimmerman
Location: The Waters Edge Museum
Benefits: Sts. Peter & Paul School Arts Dept.

Born and raised on Maryland’s South River, Erin grew up appreciating all the beauty in both the sky and water, and all the life that happens upon it. Erin moved to the Eastern Shore, settling in Centerville with her husband and 5 kids, 11 years ago. She has reclaimed her passion for painting and works to capture the light and beauty of all the life around her.

Saints Peter & Paul High School is a welcoming Catholic college preparatory school serving the Eastern Shore of Maryland since 1958. The quality of the dedicated faculty and small class size makes for a learning environment that challenges all students, and encourages participation in a vibrant student life program.

A Breath of the Eastern Shore
By: Jacqui Gosselin & student, Ashley Reinochl
Location: Town Office
Benefits: Sts. Peter & Paul High School

Artist and teacher, Jacqui Gosselin inspires students at Sts. Peter & Paul to create and grow as artists. Jacqui is an award winning plein air artist in Maryland. She moved here from the Philadelphia area and embraces the Eastern Shore. Jacqui enjoyed collaborating with Ashley, one of her students, on the creation of their first picket fence.

Saints Peter & Paul High School is a welcoming Catholic college preparatory school serving the Eastern Shore of Maryland since 1958. The quality of the dedicated faculty and small class size makes for a learning environment that challenges all students, and encourages participation in a student life program.

By: Martha Cole
Location: The Oxford Library
Benefits: Oxford Fire Co. Auxilliary

This is a small fence, 22″ high x 20″ wide. All others are 26″ high x 22″ wide.

Martha is a lifetime doodler. She is whimsically creative and loves bright colors! Martha is a retired special education teacher, and Oxford is her happy place!

The Oxford Fire Department is an all-volunteer organization and the OVFD Auxiliary holds many fund-raising events to assist with the purchase of equipment, training, and on-going operations – including bake sales, rummage sales and antique shows.

Oxford At Rest (2-sided)
By: Louisa Zendt
Location: Robert Morris Inn
Benefits: John Wesley Preservation Society and Museum

Louisa is a former school administrator who took up painting in her retirement. She has always admired the talent and whimsy depicted on the Picket Fences and is happy to participate. This year’s fence depicts two of Oxford’s dear friends, Fox and Hare, on a chase around the John Wesley church grounds, while Oxford is at rest.

Built on a tiny patch of land outside the waterfront town of Oxford, the John Wesley church, an unassuming one-room building without a steeple and without indoor plumbing, once served as an important place of worship and gathering for generations of Talbot County African-Americans.

Today, the John Wesley Methodist Episcopal Church attracts local and regional attention because of its unique history in Talbot County. It was an abolitionist and integrated church community in a county which was slave-holding since 1770. Talbot County was at the center of both legal manumission (the freeing of a slave) and Fugitive Slave Act enforcement. The African American community was 50% free and 50% enslaved. And it was the center of Union recruitment of slaves for the U.S. Colored Troops.

Stuart’s Dock ‘O the Bay
By: Jenn Schmidt
Location: Mystery Loves Company
Benefits: Talbot Interfaith Shelter

Jenn describes herself as a Dog and House Sitter, and Adventurer. She strives to create high-quality and whimsical pieces with her art. This year’s fence is honoring the Watermen and Women of the Eastern Shore. Jenn credits Matt Hall for his advice in capturing the essence of the tools of the trade, and the bounty of their efforts.

Talbot Interfaith Shelter is dedicated to ending homelessness on the Mid-shore by providing shelter, stability, support, and a path to success for families and individuals in need. TIS is a testament to diverse populations working together to provide shelter, meals and safety to those in need.

All About Maryland (2-sided)
By: Mark Montoya
Location: Capsize Restaurant
Benefits: Talbot Humane Society

Mark was born in Alabama and his art has been influenced by those southern roots. He now lives in St. Michaels and is loving life on the Eastern Shore. His fence depicts iconic Eastern Shore elements – corn, quilts and geese.  His fence is 3 dimensional.

Talbot Humane provides a safe and healthy environment for unwanted companion animals; places all treatable and adoptable companion animals in good homes; protects all animals from cruelty and neglect; and reduces the unwanted companion animal population through spay/neuter and educational services. Talbot Humane has been helping animals on the Eastern Shore of Maryland since 1932.

Inside the Fence (2-sided)
By: Sally Fronk
Location: DiMillo’s Boat Yard/Oxford Vintage & Trade
Benefits: CASA

Sally has been an Oxford resident for more than a dozen years and is a former art teacher. She has participated in the Picket Fence project for many years, and volunteers with a number of local organizations. She enjoys painting in acrylics, her favorite subject is flowers, and sunflowers in particular.

CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates) of the Mid-Shore advocates for children under court protection due to serious risk factors, such as abuse, neglect, abandonment, or chronic truancy, to ensure their right to thrive in a safe, permanent home. CASA volunteers attempt to identify the specific needs of each child for the court, advocate for service provision to meet those needs, and assist in seeking a permanent resolution for each child’s life as quickly and safely as possible.

Beloved Oxford
By: Diane Araps
Location: Oxford Inn & Pope’s Tavern
Benefits: Oxford Fire Dept.

Diane has created maps, murals, renderings, visuals and artistry for over thirty-five years. She has created visuals for corporate, retail, educational, government, medical, religious, charity and personal use. Her illustrations are generated in any medium, with techniques ranging from quick sketches to highly intricate renderings. (

The Oxford Fire Department, Station 20, is an all-volunteer organization. They fight fires and provide emergency services for Oxford and in support of other departments in Talbot Co. and beyond.

Materials and construction of this fence was donated by Scott & Trish Baker, Brinsfield Fence Co. Labor for fence preparation, sanding and base coating was donated by Scott Prisco, Oxford Inn and Pope’s Tavern.

Floating (2-sided)
By: Maggii Sarfaty
Location: St. Paul’s Church
Benefits: Shore Rivers

Maggii has been a life-long artist, she is an impressionistic painter working in watercolor and oil. She is well known for her 20 plus years painting murals and set designer. She how paints primarily plein air. This year’s fence is 3 dimensional.

ShoreRivers protects and restores waterways through science-based advocacy, restoration, and education. They protect and restore the waterways for everyone who lives and works on the Eastern Shore. They advocate for strong clean-water laws to ensure a legacy of thriving waterways and help galvanize communities to act to improve the health of our rivers. ShoreRivers assists landowners, towns, and communities in funding and developing innovative pollution-reduction projects. They help farmers adopt sustainable practices and protect their lands from runoff and erosion. They educate students across the Eastern Shore, teaching about our river networks and helping our young people develop a connection with and care for the rivers and appreciate how their own lives are enriched by this connection with nature.

Golden Twilight Hour (2-sided)
By: Diana Evans
Location: Oxford Market
Benefits: Brookletts Place, Talbot Co. Senior Center

Diana is a native of the Maryland Eastern Shore and has been teaching watercolors for about 20 years. She teaches at Brookletts Place in Easton and at the Dorchester Center of the Arts in Cambridge. She works with different mediums, but enjoys painting in watercolors the most. Her art consists mainly of landscapes, still lifes, and things related to the Eastern Shore.

As a vibrant and lively center, Brookletts Place is the prime location in Talbot County for community engagement in the senior population. Having an amazing facility and a wonderful staff, it is not an adult daycare or nursing home for seniors, rather it provides opportunities for socializing, recreational fun, lifelong learning, and camaraderie among senior-peers. The Center also provides a gateway for members to engage in various roles and carries a greater mission of serving a vulnerable part of the community.

The Artist’s Work at Sunset (2-sided)
By: Diana Evans
Location: Waters United Methodist Church
Benefits: Waters United Methodist Church

Diana is a native of the Maryland Eastern Shore and has been teaching watercolors for about 20 years. She teaches at Brookletts Place in Easton and at the Dorchester Center of the Arts in Cambridge. She works with different mediums, but enjoys painting in watercolors the most. Her art consists mainly of landscapes, still lifes, and things related to the Eastern Shore.

Located here in Oxford, the Waters United Methodist Church has been serving the Community for 137 years. The history and years of service make this church a unique and rare gem in Talbot County and our town.

Have you found all of the 2023 Oxford Picket Fences?
There are 14 in all!

Oxford Picket Fences 2023 Benefit Local Nonprofits

The Oxford Business Association has been supporting local nonprofits since 2007 with an auction of one-of-a-kind painted Picket Fences. Local artists from Oxford, St. Michaels, Easton, Centerville and Hurlock volunteered their time and talents to create these 4-picket sections of the iconic Oxford Picket fence, depicting life on the Eastern Shore. The fences will be on display throughout the town of Oxford for the entire summer, late April through early September. This year there are 14 fences, and each was created in support of a Talbot County nonprofit. On September 9th, the fences will be sold at auction at the Oxford Community Center. All proceeds from each fence will go to their respective nonprofit.

This project is meant to invite everyone to explore Oxford and its unique shops and restaurants, while allowing OBA to give back. This year the 14 partner organizations and artists are: Brookletts Senior Center (Diana Evans), CASA of the Mid-Shore(Sally Fronk), For All Seasons Behavioral Health and Rape Crisis Center (Stephen Walker), John Wesley Preservation Society and Museum (Louisa Zendt), Oxford Community Center (Pasquale DiLulio), Oxford Fire Dept (Diane Araps), Oxford FD Auxiliary (Martha Cole), Oxford Museum (John Tochko), Shore Rivers (Maggii Sarfaty), Sts. Peter and Paul School (2 fences, Erin Zimmerman, Jacqui Gosselin & student Ashley Reinoehl), Talbot Humane Society (Mark Montoya), Talbot Interfaith Shelter (Jen Schmidt), and Waters Methodist Church (Diana Evans

Visitors and locals alike are encouraged to come stroll the shady streets of Oxford and discover these little gems on display On September 9, all the fences will be on display at the Oxford Community Center for a reception and live auction. The OCC auditorium will be full of people vying for a chance to take one of these one-of-a-kind pieces of art home, for display in their gardens, on their porch or in their home. Many of the fences have artwork on both sides, so the successful bidder will get two original works of beautiful art!

In addition to being on display in Oxford for the summer, the Picket Fences will be promoted on the OBA website, and on social media.  Anyone unable to attend will also be able to leave a proxy ‘left-bid’ on the website.

The Oxford Business Association works to promote the town of Oxford and to provide a positive business environment for its members to achieve cultural, civic, economic, and business goals and contribute to the prosperity and vitality of the Oxford community. Additional sponsors include the Oxford-Bellevue Ferry, Brinsfield Fence Co., Oxford Inn & Pope’s Tavern and the Oxford Community Center. Visit for more information.